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The Fog of Days

This is the land of zero visibility. We see only the immediate—to the next problem, the next solution. And the moments of struggle and solving spill one into another. Gathering like a lowland mist that hangs close to the ground and makes it impossible to see in any direction.

The fog of days is made from problems and solutions. From fixing what is broken in front of us. And running to the next broken thing, the next remedy. The fog of days doesn’t lift. It lays in the forks and crossroads, covering all but the next step.

There is no way to see except to climb. Above the answers and the plans. Up where there is no next thing. Where there is only the breath. Where the hills are rutted with the random paths of animals. Where the ridges and gullies could lead anywhere.

Matthew McKay
by Matthew McKay

Matthew McKay is a clinical psychologist and a professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. In 1979, he cofounded Haight Ashbury Psychological Services in San Francisco and served as its clinical director for twenty-five years. Currently he serves as the director of the Berkeley Cognitive Behavior Therapy Clinic. He has explored spiritual and afterlife issues in two previous books: Why? and Your Life on Purpose. He is also the author of professional and self-help psychology books, including Thoughts & Feelings, Messages, Mind and Emotions, Self-Esteem, Prisoners of Belief, and many others.

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